Picturing the Body #picbod

Picturing the Body (#Picbod) is one of four Open Classes in this project.

Over the ten weeks we investigate a range of contemporary photographic practices amidst the changing media landscape and involve those practitioners in the course as much as possible. It is a practical class and we seek to build on those investigations by fostering sustainable approaches to photo in our students, all the time opening these issues out to the broader online community.

This class sits midway through the second year of the course and in a practical sense it is the first time our students will have experienced the virtual photographic community being invited into their classroom and becoming an active part of their learning experience.

The syllabus addresses creative and technical issues along with the visual messages,  associated with photographing the body. In locating this in the new media economy we unpack the artefact (photographic print, book etc) as a generative experience versus it’s digital variant. We do this through simple practical and thematic tasks, the cumulative resolution of which become their final lens based submissions.

It’s purpose then is to inspire, challenge and maybe even provoke our students into producing a number of considered and cogent (outward facing) photographic responses. They signify one of the first moments that our students will have been asked to actively consider their ‘brand-identity’ as practitioners and where we look to transit them psychologically  from ‘edu-consumer’ to producer/supplier.

You can follow the class by going to www.picbod.org