Living in a digital world

One part of the the COMC project is the delivery and review of an Open class in media and cultural research based on  a module in our BA Media and Communication. This is run by a number of colleagues in the Department of Media at the Coventry School of Art and Design with the help and support of a number of partners, contributors and institutions from outside the University.

COMC Project member Martyn Lee  is leading this class.

This is a level three course for undergraduate students in Media and Communication and runs from late November through to April. The course aims to get students to think about the implications of living in a globalised and international social world through a series of dedicated group projects, each one having its focus on a particular global theme and based in a particular international location. The projects require students to publish their work and research as it develops online through a series of research archives. Aside from basic material collected, these archives house ongoing communications the groups are having with international contacts, function as live blogs for their field research and operate as platforms for the theoretical interrogation of their project experiences and research.

Venues for the project for 2011-12 are: Jerusalem (The Palestine experience), Sarajevo (cultures of trauma), Berlin (a divided city), Venice (the carnivalesque),  Bergen (extreme climates), Bilbao (cultures of football) and Prague (perceptions of communism).

The course also draws heavily on the independent research project lead by Martyn Lee, European Dreamscapes, (, an ongoing comparative analysis of the cultural and social distinctiveness of various European cities.