Reflections #1 COMC and MOOC

The JISC Strand management team  asked us to relate our project to “MOOC” Approaches

Members of the project team were already aware of the work MOOC in this area, especially the work of Stephen Downes, and his writing on Connectivism, Open Educational Resources and the use of new media platforms in teaching and learning, as  well as free access approaches. We are also familiar with the related work of Dave Cormier.

The project team have already looked at some of the MOOC papers and resources, e.g. : ;

and will address the relationship of the COMC project with the MOOC approach. Whilst its focus is broader being engaged with new pedagogy per se, and ours is focused on ‘Media’ education – the project team nonetheless recognize the obvious similarities  to the MOOC approach. The COMC Blog will indeed address this early in the project

Part of this early reflection will be to consider whether to take up Stephen Downes invitation for others in the field to connect /link their projects with his MOOC project, or just participate in the next Change MOOC.


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