Coventry Open Media Classes blog Launch

The Coventry Open Media Classes (COMC) project is an attempt to develop and extend our approach to ‘Open’ teaching and learning in the broad area of Media.

Our Open Classes have already been piloted at Coventry University – see e.g. Picbod (Picturing the Body and Phonar (Photography and Narrative). Our department has adopted an Open Media strategy to unify its whole approach.

Lecturers from the Department of Media at Coventry University, with other participating media researchers and practitioners, students and external contributors will work together to make a wide range of learning material openly available through these classes.

These Open Classes make teaching material open for use and re-use under a CC BY SA licence. They also give access to networks and communities of subject specialists, professional practitioners and wider learning communities.

The COMC project Aims are to:

a.) enhance the student experience by expanding this way of working to four new communities of students attending Media courses at Coventry;

b.) strongly enhance student participation in learning through use of materials generated in part by them;

c.) lower the entry threshold to the HE experience, enabling many groups and audiences outside the HE to experience versions of media classes( lecture content, in-class activities, discussions and networks) without cost, or other barriers;

d.) offer new possibilities of personal/ open/ collective learning and encourage the formation of independent online learning communities.

The project Objectives are:

1. To generate, aggregate and curate teaching and learning material in four fields: media and cultural research; media activism through production; and photography BA and MA classes.

2. To make learning content, communities and networks aggregated by the open classes accessible through PCs and mobile devices (laptops, smartphones, tablets), the resources being available free under CC BY SA licence.

3. To develop an outline model for Open Class provision from the ‘live’ case study classes offered during the 2011-12 academic year, which will be tested and evaluated, and become the basis for a toolkit for use by other institutions.


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